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ITT Tech Scam Lawyer

ITT Technical Institute

ITT Technical Institute (the ones with all the TV commercials) is a for-profit institute with over 130 campuses in the United States.  ITT Technical Institute hosts 6 colleges, the school of Information Technology, School of Electronics Technology, School of Drafting and Design, School of Business, School of Criminal Justice and Breckinridge School of Nursing.  The institute is technology-based and claims to help students gain technology knowledge and experience.

ITT Tech sounds good on paper, but there are some flaws within the institute when you look at it up close.  There are many ex-students who have claimed that ITT Tech is a scam.  Most claims include complaints that the prices are too high, the degree is not worth much to an employer, and that it is ultimately a waste of time and money.  These are complaints from the students, but to no surprise the teachers who work for ITT Technical have complaints about the institute as well.  The teacher’s complaints include the fact that, the books are a joke, the curriculum is poorly written, credits don’t transfer, and the institution enrolls students who can barely read and or write.

If you feel that have been scammed by ITT Technical Institute call us, we will be happy to review and talk your case over with you for free. Email us today. While we may not be able to help with every case, we’re happy to evaluate the facts of your case for no charge.

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