Post-Secondary School Scams

Higher education is something that we hold to a high standard. This is only natural, given the numerous opportunities that come with having a good post-secondary school education. America has always been about the next big thing, and a better life.

Unfortunately, this unending demand for post-secondary education attracts all kinds of attention from people who don’t have the best interests of their students at heart. Commercial colleges are springing up every other month with increasing frequency, eager to meet the demands of the general population.

Post-Secondary Education Fraud

Post-Secondary Education Fraud

People seeking post-secondary educations may end up taking courses that aren’t marketable in today’s world. In some cases, these courses only lead to certificates which aren’t recognized by employers.

For-profit post-secondary education companies rely on the burgeoning demand and desperation of prospective students to sell their version of snake oil. They have dedicated marketing teams which use sophisticated neuro-linguistic programming to figure out what a prospective student’s weakness is. Once they’ve identified a student’s Achilles heel, they proceed to sell them a course package, promising them that it will change their lives as well as the lives of their families.

The Lure Of Simplicity

Post-secondary school scams also place an emphasis on simplicity. These schools have extremely easy courses which are meant to ensure that everyone passes their tests and exams. This motivates students, stroking their egos and making them feel good about themselves. However, ordinary brick-and-mortar schools which focus on quality and excellence have moderately difficult courses meant to sharpen their students and make them more competitive in today’s market.

Post-secondary school scams churn out a large number of individuals who soon find out that they’ve spent a fortune on education that can’t even get them a job. This may lead to frustration and other undesirable effects, pushing individuals further down their ladder of dreams.

These post-secondary school scams are a dime a dozen on the internet. They’ve become so good at what they do that it’s almost impossible for a prospective student to know if they’re dealing with a legitimate school from the get-go. By the time one realizes that the school they’re in is a scam, it’s too late. These schools typically ask for upfront tuition, sometimes numerous semesters in advance.  The fallout can be devastating, and most victims may not know where to turn. Feelings of shame, guilt and powerlessness may overwhelm them for a very long time.

Fortunately, you can take back your power starting today. It’s possible to get legal representation in order to recoup losses and get justice when it comes to such scams.  Filing a lawsuit against these institutions will help protect you and other students from ongoing exploitation and deception.

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