U.S. Online Education Statistics

Online education has grown by leaps and bounds. Statistics point to the fact that about 6.7 million people in America are currently taking an online course. This growing demand for online education is driven by things like flexibility, affordability and the changing job needs of the 21st century workplace. Brick-and-mortar institutions are waking up to the reality that online education may actually augment learning, helping students who are more electronically inclined learn in a way that’s convenient and right for them. At the same time, for-profit schools are taking advantage of this burgeoning market.

A study done by Babson Study Research Group came up with some interesting facts and figures pointing to the growth of online education.

Here are a few:

  1. Online Education Statistics

    Online Education Stats

    Online education enrolment remains robust, even in the face of decline in enrolment in higher learning institutions. However, the study’s co-author is of the opinion that despite the fact that many people praise the ability of these schools to attract more and more students, there seems to be a disconnect between this fact and whether the online education model is a sustainable one.

  2. 32% of all higher education students take at least one course online. This means that this trend is only going to keep growing with time.
  3. About 77% of academic leaders rate Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) to be just as effective, and in some cases more superior to those being offered by bricks-and-mortar colleges.
  4. Online education typically sees an increase in enrolment on a year-by-year basis of about 300,000 to 500,000 new students.
  5. These statistics are mired by the fact that academic leaders aren’t receptive when it comes to accepting the legitimacy and value of online education. A paltry 30.2 percent of these leaders believe that these institutions are legitimate, a number which stagnated between 2011 2012. Predatory for-profit colleges (who are oft the target of education fraud lawsuits) certainly do nothing to help this statistic.

These statistics point to a revolution happening in the education field. People want more flexibility and options when it comes to how they’re getting their education. However, this boom in online education needs to be tempered with robust rules and regulations to protect current and prospective schools.

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