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School Scams & College Fraud Lawyers
Rasansky Law Firm encourages anybody who feels that they were misled or taken advantage of by a for-profit school to contact an education fraud lawyer at their earliest convenience.  While an attorney cannot recover the time and effort spent, they may be able to help victims recover certain financial losses associated with the program. Students have a right to get the education they were promised and paid for.

Worried about the cost of legal fees?  Well, worry no more. If we take on your case, you don’t pay a cent unless we collect for you. In other words, we don’t get paid unless you do!

For-Profit College Fraud and Online School Scams
There are many different ways that for-profit schools defraud their victims, and it starts from the moment a prospective student comes in contact with them.  Unlike traditional schools, for-profit institutions’ main goal is to make money for their shareholders.  This results in a system that centers on recruiting as many students as possible, and NOT on quality of education or job placement.  One way they achieve this is by hiring an aggressive, commissioned sales force that will say or do whatever it takes to convince people to enroll. From misrepresenting job placement statistics to lying about accreditation, offending schools are purposely misleading victims in order to fill classes and pad their bottom line.

You can’t fight these large educational institutions alone. An experienced school scam attorney will fight for you.
Our legal team has years of proven experience in their respective fields, and are the greatest resource we can provide to you.  You are assured that we will use every single one of our vast financial, and knowledge based resources to fight for the justice you deserve. While we may not be able to help with every case, we’re happy to evaluate the facts of your case for no charge.

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