Senators Ask DOE to Forgive Some For-Profit Student Loans

The case against for-profit colleges took an interesting turn last month when a group of senators came together to ask the Department of Education (DOE) to forgive loans taken out by current and former students of embattled Corinthian Colleges. Corinthian

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GAO Investigates 15 For-Profit Colleges

A 2009-2010 investigation by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) uncovered a series of unethical and questionable practices carried out by some for-profit colleges across the country. These colleges have come under fire for churning out graduates who were unable to

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University of the Potomac (Potomac College)

For-profit colleges have come under fire over the last couple of years, and for good reason. Once seen as second rate learning institutions, these colleges have become a popular choice for those seeking higher education. This is due to the

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For-Profit Schools File Lawsuit in Response to New Regulations

For-Profit Schools File Lawsuit Against Government

The never-ending war between the government and for-profit colleges took a surprising and definite turn the other week week when the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities sued the government over what it calls demanding, irrational, unconstitutional and capricious

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DOE Proposes New Regulations for For-Profit Schools

New Regulations on For-Profit Universities

In the wake of unbridled exploitation of students by commercial colleges, the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) and the Obama administration recently proposed new regulations to help protect students. Access to education can mean a world of difference; it gives

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Full Sail University Lawsuits

Can I Sue Full Sail University?

Were you lied to and taken advantage of by Full Sail University? Contact us today. While there are many for-profit online universities that offer various types of degrees, Full Sail University is dedicated to degrees in the media circuit. While it

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Westech College Lawsuits

Westech College Lawsuits

Were you lied to or defrauded by Westech College? Contact us today. Westech College is one of the colleges involved in a federal investigation for using deceptive recruiting practices. Undercover government investigators visited both colleges where they posed as potential

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Deceptive Marketing of For-Profit Schools & Colleges

Frustrated Student

For-profit school recruiters often lie to, and otherwise intentionally deceive potential students. The quest for education and its increasing demand has led to the mushrooming of numerous private, for-profit colleges across the country. These colleges are, in theory, supposed to

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Argosy University

Argosy University is a for-profit college whose parent company is Education Management Corporation. Argosy has a total of 28 locations throughout the United States in addition to maintaining a large online division. The university offers programs that range from Associates

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Facts and Statistics on For-Profit Schools

Online College Statistics

There have been many recent investigations into the activities of for-profit online colleges. A total of fifteen for-profit institutions were targeted for possible educational fraud and deceptive marketing techniques, and included three primary colleges: the University of Phoenix, Kaplan University,

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