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Facts and Statistics on For-Profit Schools

Online College Statistics

There have been many recent investigations into the activities of for-profit online colleges. A total of fifteen for-profit institutions were targeted for possible educational fraud and deceptive marketing techniques, and included three primary colleges: the University of Phoenix, Kaplan University,

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85/15 Rule & For-Profit Colleges

For-profit colleges have been taking advantage of a legislative loophole which enables them to aggressively market their degree courses to veterans in order to get a hold of monies from the federal government. These commercial colleges exist for the sole

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For-Profit School Tuition Numbers are Declining

For-Profit colleges and universities have recently been hit by a relatively low and declining level of enrollment and tuition, when compared to state-run or private colleges and universities.  This is new for these schools. But why exactly is it happening?

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Art Institutes

Scammed by the Art Institutes? The Art Institutes recently came under fire for supposedly carrying out unethical practices. The California-based college with a series of countrywide branches and a dedicated online outlet got hit by a federal lawsuit in 2011

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DeVry University Fraud

Higher education enrollment has been a driving force throughout the Obama administration, and this has opened an opportunity of the “for-profit” colleges to advance as an option for some students.  From deceptive advertisements, bribes for positive performance and misleading financial

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Strayer University & Education Fraud

Are you worried that you’ve been misled, lied to, or scammed by Strayer University? Strayer University enrolls approximately 38,000 students through their online learning programs, and at their 100 campuses located throughout 24 states.  Strayer University was founded in 1892

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For-Profit Education Fraud

Many Americans see secondary education as their path to a better financial future, and they are often right. Unfortunately, there are for-profit institutions that are willing to exploit this desire to learn. There are many different ways for-profit schools defraud

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Did You Fall for an Online College Scam?

When people end up being the victims of a scam, it’s normal for them to be unsure of what happened for a time. Because most people aren’t in the business of defrauding people, it’s sometimes rather difficult to understand how

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Recognizing and Online College Scam

Today’s job market requires that most people have some sort of a specialized qualification to get ahead. It may be a vocational degree, such as becoming a certified welder or a diesel mechanic or it may be something academic, such

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College Fraud on the Rise

According to reporting in the Arizona Republic, financial aid fraud rings are becoming a real problem where online schools are concerned. The reporting claims that, over the course of the last three years, federal government officials have discovered three financial

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