College Fraud Lawsuits on the Rise

There are plenty of statistics out there that demonstrate the value of having a college education. In fact, one of the most quoted statistics establishes that, over the course of their working lives, college graduates will tend to make 1 million more dollars than somebody without a college degree. This means that, for most people, college is a solid and sensible investment in the future. Unfortunately, there are colleges out there that utilize this fact to bilk people out of money. Many of these colleges are online universities.

Why People Sue

There are many different reasons why people end up suing online universities. People file college fraud lawsuits over reasons such as:

  • Non accredited colleges claiming to be accredited
  • Fraudulent claims about job placement opportunities
  • Degrees that turn out to be utterly worthless
  • Misrepresentation of qualifications earned upon graduation

Here is an easy example that will help you understand how these lawsuits oftentimes come about. Many people are coaxed into taking various nursing degree programs online. In order to be a qualified nurse of any type, you absolutely have to put in time at a healthcare facility getting hands-on experience working with patients. There’s no way around this. Anybody who tells you that a hospital is going to hire you based on a nursing certification that did not require you to actually put in time working with patients is a liar.

Many students end up paying huge sums of money – much more than they would’ve paid to a brick-and-mortar state school or a community college – to get degrees in nursing. They then graduate, get their degree, go to a hospital and find out that the hospital does not honor that degree at all, nor does any other hospital. This puts the student in the situation of having thought they were making an investment in their future and only having accrued a lot more debt.

Getting Help

Among the people out there who do have valid degrees and who do know a thing or two about how to deal with fraud are lawyers. Contacting a lawyer is a good idea if you believe that a school has defrauded you. Selling someone a worthless service – such as giving them a worthless degree – is not acceptable, nor should it be tolerated. Beyond that, you should never pay for a worthless service and if somebody defrauds you into paying for such a worthless service, you should take legal action against them with the assistance of a good attorney.

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