DeVry University Fraud

Higher education enrollment has been a driving force throughout the Obama administration, and this has opened an opportunity of the “for-profit” colleges to advance as an option for some students.  From deceptive advertisements, bribes for positive performance and misleading financial aid practices, DeVry University is an oft-accused educational institution.

DeVry University School Scams

DeVry University

Within the past year, DeVry University has been under investigation by the Attorney General in both Illinois and Massachusetts. They’ve been named in numerous lawsuits in California, and they’ve been heavily regulated by the presidential education administration.  One lawsuit claimed the campus leadership would bribe admissions counselors who exceed enrollment quotas, which in turn would lead to instances of “over-promising and under-delivering” to current and potential students.

Administrative studies revealed that in 2008, of the 64,722 students enrolled at DeVry University, 52.2% (or 33,795) withdrew by mid-2010.  This same review also revealed that DeVry spent $2,989 on instruction per student in 2009, comparable to $4,054 per marketing a student.  In 2010, 80.9% of DeVry University’s total revenue was comprised of federal education funds. In 2011 the university itself received a net income of $330 million dollars total.

Former testimonies of students who did not graduate with a degree from DeVry University have revealed a number of similar internal characteristics.  Difficulty when trying to contact personnel regarding financial aid assistance, and neglect regarding assistance in academic advising were a common complaint among these students.  Most complaints with DeVry University from students who withdrew, seemed to be the general feeling of misleading educational opportunities within the university.

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3 comments on “DeVry University Fraud
  1. Freddy C. says:

    I was student with DeVry University I was bribe and trick during admissions. 2008-2012

  2. Harold E. says:

    I wish some body had told me about DeVry…everyday of my life I think about how in the world will I pay 60k loan. How would I feed my family? How would I live day by day with this debt that I owe. I so wish somebody told me about DeVry!!!

  3. slute says:

    I thought, at 18, I was making a good choice. Now I’m nearly 100k in debt, no degree and a grim financial future. I wish I never would have attended. I was filled with promises of doing the right thing, filled with promises of a great job, etc.

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