Education Fraud Attorney

Are you enrolled or have you completed an education program and now believe your degree is worthless?

The lawyers of Rasansky Law Firm are familiar with the rampant education fraud plaguing the nation.  A recent study from the US Office of General Accounting found many for profit schools “encouraged fraud and engaged in deceptive and questionable marketing practices.”

You may be due compensation if:

  • You were promised a job or success upon graduation only to learn those promises were based on lies;
  • You were told credits would transfer but later learned they would not;
  • You were lied to by admissions representative or career counselors;
  • You were encouraged to fraudulently complete student financial aid forms;
  • Or you were promised a quality educational program that you later discovered to be worthless.
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2 comments on “Education Fraud Attorney
  1. Margaret Miller says:

    I enrolled ina diploma web design class at the art institute of Pittsburgh, once started, someone decided I needed to take Algebra I, since I hadn’t scored high enough on my entrance exam. I was transferred to an Associate Degree class in order to take the Algebra. Unfortunately, no one transferred me back to my original class, and when I called to inquire why it was taking so long, I was informed that I was half way through the Associate class, and if I transferred back to the diploma class, I would still have to take more classes because what I had taken up to that point did not meet the curriculum requirements for the diploma class. I was very upset to think that I should be almost done and then to have them tell me I had another year to go. Is this not wrong? I became so stressed that I could not function and with my doctors advice, I took a leave of absence from the school. Now they say I owe 51,127.10! to the tune of $569.94 a month. This is outrageous. What can I do?

    • lawnet says:

      One of our attorneys can answer this question for you. Fill out the form on the contact page so one of the lawyers can look at the details of your case. They will ask you specific questions and help get to the bottom of it for you. Our law firm is very quick to respond, usually in just a few minutes but never more than 24 hours. You are not alone there are thousands of people in your situation.

      Most sincerely,
      School Scam Lawyers