Education Fraud

Education Fraud is Carried Out in Many Forms

From misrepresenting job placement statistics to lying about accreditation, offending schools are purposely misleading victims in order to fill classes and pad their bottom line.

College Fraud is Rampant and on the Rise
For-profit college enrollment has soared from about 365,000 students to nearly 1.8 million in the past several years.  As the number of for-profit trade schools, career colleges and online schools continue to rise, so does the potential of fraud.  This has not been lost on the federal government.

The Federal General Accounting Office recently conducted an undercover test of 15 different for-profit schools.  Four of the colleges encouraged fraudulent financial aid practices.  The GAO found that all 15 of the schools made questionable or deceptive statements to their undercover applicants.

The GAO also noted the aggressiveness of the school salespeople.  One of the undercover applicants received 180 calls in a month, some as late as 11 p.m.

Fraudulent Practices of Many Online Schools is Unacceptable
Jeff Rasansky the managing partner at Rasansky Law Firm believes, “Americans should be allowed to seek higher education without being preyed on and taken advantage of.”.  “We should be commended for our desire to learn, not victimized by a college scam and plunged deep into debt. “

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