Federal Government to Clamp Down on For-Profit Colleges

For-profit colleges are coming under intense scrutiny as the federal government moves to carry out a number of probes looking into their unethical activities. Over the last decade, these commercial (and mostly online) colleges have grown by more than 300 percent. This indicates their popularity; however, there’s another story behind the scenes: one of deception and excessive and aggressive marketing tactics meant to bump up enrolment at whatever cost.

Government Involvement

For-Profit School Enrollment

For-Profit School Enrollment

Online colleges are popular because of the convenience that they give to students. However, the federal government is sitting up and taking notice because most of these institutions lack the proper accreditation needed to offer certain courses. At the same time, these colleges do not offer courses that are widely recognized, meaning that most of their graduates may be unable to get placement as far as employment is concerned, effectively rendering their degrees and diplomas useless.

The Federal State Commission is leading the slew of investigations into the operation of these colleges. In some instances, states are forcing for-profit colleges to refund monies paid to them by students who became victims of their deception. The attorney general is also concerned that these colleges are offering courses in vital career choices such as nursing, law enforcement and psychology without having the needed regional accreditation. Some even go as far as making prospective students sign papers which prohibits them from contacting various employment options to ask them about their criteria for hiring.

Colleges Blame Activist Attorneys

For-profit colleges, on the other hand, are blaming a subset of ‘activist attorneys’ for these probes, saying that these individuals as well as their partners are ideologically opposed to their business model and are doling out lawsuits simply out of spite. Our firm targets these schools not out of spite, but out of concern for those being financially harmed by these institutions. We’re only looking for justice.

Scammed? Get Help Today!

Numerous lawsuits filed against for-profit colleges have led to big settlements. For-profit schools enroll about 13 percent of all students seeking higher education in the country. This is a sizeable amount given the exponential growth witnessed in this industry over the last 10 years. Lastly, just because a for-profit school is accredited doesn’t mean that they can offer a student the needed qualifications to pursue a career of their choosing. If you’ve been scammed by a for-profit school, please get in touch with Rasansky Law Firm at via the contact form on this page. There’s no cost to discuss your case, and if we take your case, you ONLY pay us if we WIN you compensation.

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