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Full Sail University

While there are many for-profit online universities that offer various types of degrees, Full Sail University is dedicated to degrees in the media circuit. While it does offer online education, there are also on-campus degrees available for those who prefer to attend classes in person.

Programs and Degrees

Full Sail University caters to those interested in degrees in the entertainment media. Among the offers are two graduate certificates, two associate degree programs, 25 bachelor’s degrees, and eight master’s degrees. The academic programs available at the university are focused predominantly on audio, film and media production, animation, video game design, and other fields that fall within the media and entertainment industries. Approximately three quarters of all students and graduates have taken advantage of financial aid to cover at least some of the expenses related to their education. University guidelines require students to apply for Federal Student Aid before they apply for any loans through the university.

The programs at Full Sail University are accelerated and usually allow students to complete an individual degree program in half the time they would spend on the same program at a traditional four-year college. For example, associate’s programs are usually twelve to thirty months long; bachelor’s programs typically take twenty to thirty-six months; and master’s programs can be completed in just one year. Unlike a traditional university, degree programs at Full Sail University begin on a monthly basis and are usually four weeks long.

Problems and Complaints

Like many for-profit universities, Full Sail University has its share of problems. For instance, some of the academic programs create financial burdens, and they suffer from low rates of graduation completion. Some of the examples of those problems include the following:

  • Only 38 percent of students enrolled in the $81,000 video game program graduated. In 2008 those students faced a median debt load of almost $59,000 in both federal and private student loans.
  • The master’s in entertainment business costs $36,245 for the one-year program and while 80 percent of the students graduated, only 63 percent of them graduated on time.

While graduation rates are not problematic at Full Sail (reportedly ~78 percent), the New York Times reported that students have posted criticisms of the school which included some complaints that Full Sail is a “scam” because of its high tuition, low placement rate, and problems for students who need to transfer credit (Full Sail is not a regionally accredited school). Former students have also expressed criticism because they believe the admissions office has lied to them or they feel the college ripped them off.

If you are a current or former Full Sail University student and feel that you have been taken advantage of, take a minute to explain your situation via the email form on this page. While we may not be able to help with every case, our attorneys are happy to review your case for no cost.

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