Harris School of Business

For-profit colleges have earned a bad reputation over the last couple of years due to numerous cases of these schools being sued by students over claims of being misled into thinking that their educations and the resultant diplomas and degrees would get them a job in today’s market. One such institution is the Harris School of Business, a national college which has been in the news for a couple of years now.

Massive Fraud

Harris School of Business

Harris School of Business

The Harris School of Business was recently hit by a slew of lawsuits, with the latest one being a federal lawsuit accusing the school of massive fraud. Some of the claims brought forth by students and employers of the institution include registering students with severe mental deficits, letting ex-convicts take courses when it was clearly not possible for them to do so, aggressive marketing in order to boost their enrolment rates as well as falsifying records so that students wouldn’t fail their tests. On top of that, many graduating students found out that their degrees were effectively useless in the current job market.

Deceptive and Manipulative Practices

Harris Business School allegedly employed its deceptive and manipulative practices for the sole reason of collecting monies in the form of federal aid and grants that came to them as part of the government funded tuition program offered to the majority of students that they targeted. Some employees of the for-profit college have told stories of a culture of silence and oppression; in fact, one such individual was promoted and then shortly fired after she confronted the school’s administration on their unethical practices.

Harris Business School is owned by Premier Education School, an establishment that has been hit by numerous lawsuits thanks to the concerted efforts of individuals who felt that the school and its parent company had knowingly misled them by misrepresenting information and applying unethical practices to boost the student population.

CEO Calls Lawsuits Frivolous

Gary Camp, the CEO of Premier termed the lawsuit as frivolous, adding that he was proud of the record they have. He also stated that when an organization hires more than 1500, it’s not always easy to make the best hiring decisions.

Commercial colleges also grapple with the question of accreditation. While most of these learning institutions claim that they have the needed papers as well as wherewithal allowing them to offer certain courses and administer exams, there’s a disconnect between what they claim and what state education bodies require of them.

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