Help for victims of Education Fraud and Predatory School Scams

Higher education, whether it’s career or technical colleges, trade schools, online colleges, etc, has long been recognized as a stable path to security for many Americans.  There are many predatory career schools and online colleges seeking to profit and exploit our desire to learn.  Predatory schools have deep pockets and are difficult to fight alone. Fortunately,  levels the playing field by putting victims directly in touch with experienced lawyers to help fight back. is an online resource will give victims of school scams and college fraud a chance to seek legal help with experienced lawyers ready to assist and evaluate cases.  The site provides pertinent information about school fraud practices and an easy means to have their case evaluated.  The website is an extension of the Dallas Texas based Rasansky Law Firm dedicated to helping people defrauded by predatory educational institutions.

School fraud is becoming a wide spread problem in the U.S. dragging down the economy and hurting innocent victims. Misrepresentations and omissions concerning tuition costs, accreditation status, transferability of credits, job placement opportunities and salary expectations are common place among many for-profit schools now.  Unfortunately, many students getting an education from these predatory school scams will have a useless diploma and a large student loan debt looming over them for years to come.

Student loan debt is common when seeking a higher education but becomes detrimental when the debt is for a degree which is unaccredited and you find yourself unemployed with no way to repay your loan. To compound the situation most of the student loans taken out for the bunk degree or diploma are federal which means there is no way to get debt relief.  Most of these institutions will fill out all the loan applicant paper work and secure the loans in the student’s name.  Victims of predatory education fraud in this situation should seek an experienced college fraud lawyer immediately. Without legal help many defrauded students have little or no chance to recoup losses. While an education fraud lawyer cannot reclaim the time spent gaining the degree they may help relieve debt accrued by seeking compensation on your behalf from the predatory school.

For-profit trade schools, career schools and on-line schools often employ salespeople that work on commission. These salespeople are as susceptible to temptations of fraud and misrepresentation as are salespeople in other industries. They can provide incorrect information regarding key factors students consider when choosing a school and career path. Some of the biggest complaints are of not being able to find gainful employment after completing the school or college while still having the burden of massive debt. One student claimed she received her 2 year degree, while at the same time she was failing in high school overseas.  This student and others claim they never went to high school or do not even speak English.  Many students can find no work in the field of study they went to school for.

When educational fraud occurs it affects everyone. Jeff Rasansky a high profile school fraud lawyer and managing partner of Rasansky Law Firm states, “The damages caused by school scams do not simply affect the student who was defrauded but our educational system and our economy as a whole.” Jeff is correct, the burden of defaulted federal student loans falls on tax payers while the profit goes into the pockets of predatory schools who continue to operate.  The economic burden also falls on tax payers when these students cannot find gainful employment and have to rely on assistance just to survive. Companies who unknowingly hire people with these degrees are also paying the price.

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