Online College Scams Pose Threats to Students

For some people, the idea of being able to attend college from their own home is too good to pass up. Such people are oftentimes in tight financial situations, have children that they need to care for full-time or are in other situations that make attending a brick-and-mortar university extremely difficult. Online college scams are on the rise. If you have been the victim of one, you can contact an attorney about suing the university for compensation. If you’re considering taking classes online, however, the best thing you can do is to avoid becoming the victim of one of these scams. Here are some warning signs to be wary of.

Get More Financial Aid

One of the ways that colleges that run scans on students make money is by having the students take out extravagant amounts of financial aid to pay for the classes. If you’re dealing with a counselor at one of these universities who is encouraging you to inflate the amount of financial aid you get, consider that a warning sign. If you go to a reputable school and talk to a reputable counselor, they will actually do the opposite. They will try to help you to get as much financial aid as you need to get by, but will discourage you from taking on too much so that you don’t end up in huge amounts of debt after you get out of college.

No Accreditation

Check into the accreditation status of any online university that you are considering attending. If the university itself claims that they are accredited but you can’t find any information to back that up, it’s a warning sign. There should be no reason for it to be difficult to find out whether or not a university is accredited.

Counter-intuitive Requirements

If you happen to run into a university on the Internet that offers things such as nursing degrees with no hands-on patient care, computer repair degrees that don’t require you to actually have a computer to work on or the tools to do it or other classes that seem just too easy to be real, the classes probably aren’t real. A legitimate online school will require you to do real work to get your degree.

If you have been the victim of some sort of online college fraud, don’t be embarrassed. Email our attorneys and ask them how they can help you to fix this situation.

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