For-Profit Schools File Lawsuit in Response to New Regulations

For-Profit Schools File Lawsuit Against Government

The never-ending war between the government and for-profit colleges took a surprising and definite turn the other week week when the Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities sued the government over what it calls demanding, irrational, unconstitutional and capricious laws that were recently instituted by the Obama administration seeking to curtail the unscrupulous practices of these colleges.

Exponential Growth Unprecedented

For-profit colleges have grown exponentially over the last 7 years. This growth remains largely unchecked and illustrates the demand for education. However, most of these colleges have been known to leave individuals unable to find gainful employment or make enough money to enable them to pay off their student loans.

New Laws Are a Game Changer

The new laws underline various regulations that would change the way the government doles out loans to individuals attending for-profit colleges. In part, the laws state that colleges now need to prove that their graduates are able to find gainful employment that pays them an adequate amount of money to enable them to pay off their student loans. If they are unable to show this, they run the risk of not receiving any financial aid from the government.

APSCU President and CEO released a statement saying that these new regulations will negatively impact student access and opportunity, and that he believes they are in violation of federal law.

Why These New Regulations Are Vital

While these for-profit schools and their investors may agree with the APSCU’s lawsuit, the reality is that for-profit colleges have been using underhanded tactics to get their hands on federal funds for years now. Covert recruitment drives, psychological intimidation, misrepresentation of facts, urging students to commit fraud, and oversimplifying course material are all things that a slew of for-profit colleges have been accused of carrying out to boost student enrollment numbers.

Without regulation, these schools will continue to victimize countless students. The government’s efforts to stop these unethical practices from happening are just its way of protecting students and ensuring transparency and accountability in the education sector.

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