Recognizing and Online College Scam

Today’s job market requires that most people have some sort of a specialized qualification to get ahead. It may be a vocational degree, such as becoming a certified welder or a diesel mechanic or it may be something academic, such as getting a degree in English. Either way, the job market is so competitive today that many people are looking for an easy way to get some sort of a certification or diploma. Online colleges have sprung up all over the place that offer convenient learning opportunities from your own home. They are not always what they seem.


Accreditation means that a school gives degrees that are recognized at other schools. For example, if you go to a local community college that is accredited, you can take the credits you earn at that community college and apply them to your degree if you decide to pursue a more advanced degree at a university. Accreditation essentially means that the education that the school gives you is recognized by other schools as being legitimate. Some online schools claim to be accredited but, unfortunately, are not.

Getting a degree from an unaccredited school means that you get a degree that is worth nothing. It will get you a job in any institution that requires an advanced degree. For example, a nursing degree from an unaccredited university will not get you hired at any hospital. The hospital will simply not accept the fact that you have a valid education.

Inflated Claims

One of the marketing trends among online schools is claiming that they can almost certainly get their students jobs when they leave the school. This should be recognized as fallacious on the face of it. There is no obligation for any employer to take students from a particular school. If there is no market for particular skills, there is simply no way to guarantee that somebody with those skills will be able to get a job. Dangling the promise of finding gainful employment in front of a student is one of the most insidious ways that these schools managed to real people in.

If you’ve been the victim of an online college scam, you do have options. Anything involving fraud needs to be reported to the authorities. As far as getting your money back goes, contacting a personal injury attorney is one way that you might be able to do it. They may be able to help you by filing a lawsuit against the school and getting your money back from a jury award.

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